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TNT Player Pool* 2005-2006

1-Allison, Lisa
2-Colledge, Eleanor
3-Cumming, Alison (Team Manager)
4-Duncan, Katie
5-Irasaiah, Vanessa
6-James, Louise
7-Krulicki, Paula
8-McCaughey, Carolyn
9-McGoey, Kirsten (Keeper)
10-Ming, Shauna
11- Monicon Denika
12-Millage, Jacquie
13-Poirier, Sara
14-Powell, Nadine


Colquhoun, Shannon
Lee, Kim (Keeper)
Staubyn, Jonelle

On Leave

Dietrich, Sandra (Mat Leave)
Pawlowski, Holly
Robinson, Amy (Mat Leave)
Jenn Imrie (Law School)

Coaching Staff

Joseph McGoey - Coach
Steve Gardner - Coach

* Team bios to be re-added at a later date when the web master's young son gets older and gives her some time!

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Last Updated : Oct 20, 2005