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Contact Us

>> Wanna Try Out? Contact Coach Joe McGoey to obtain details about the team and available positions.

>> Need to contact our team Manager? Contact Alison Cumming for all team manager related issues.

>> Interested in how you can be a sponsor? Contact Kirsten Dykstra for more details on how to sponsor the team.

>> See something on the web site you wish to comment on? Contact Kirsten Dykstra to send comments or issues with web site content.

>> Team to Coaches (or Players) Contact Policies

All players are reminded that the following policies are in place to ensure an easier and more reliable communication process - please read carefully:

1. No emails on practice or game day should be used to cancel games, ask for rides or indicate a player is not attending a game or practice. All communication for these instances should go to the persons below:

a. Attendance - call in your attendance to Coach Joe or Steve. Use Joe's cell during the day and after 6 try his home line as well.

b. Need a ride? CALL the person you need a ride from if its 48 hours from the day of a game or practice. Not everyone checks their email every day. If you offered the ride this also applies and calling the coach is the best solution as he may be able to provide a ride.

2. If a game is cancelled the coach or manager will start a phone tree to let you know. Most games go ahead rain or shine with stoppage due to lightning.

3. All team field locations are on the web under field maps. Search here first before requesting directions and use the Adobe download (free and safe) to view).

4. No team information, phone or emails are published unless permission has been granted to do so on this web site for privacy purposes.




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