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Field Maps

The fields are listed in alphabetical order and indicate which opposition team currently allocates the field as their home field.

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Updated : 10.45 p.m. on May 01, 2005


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Brickyard Field- Mississauga Falcons field Ontario Cup R1 - PDF COMING.

Bishop's Cross - Thornhill Rebels home field. UPLOADED.

Civic #3 - Oshawa field - PDF UPLOADED.

Clair Lea | Scarborough Soccer Centre - Indoor soccer facility.

David Hamilton - Richmond Hill home field.

Dieppe Park Field - East York's home field.

Dunmoore Park - Pickering Field. NO PDF yet - To reach the park take the Whites Road exit in Pickering, head south and it will be on your right hand side a few kilometeres down the road, where the road basically ends at a park. It is called Dunmore Park. Its a narrow field with a hill for seating - bring a lawn chair.

Durham Soccer Centre - Click link for site and directions.

Earlscourt - Our TNT home field.

Eastgate Park - Peterbrough home field (multiple).

Eglinton Park - Possible TNT practice area.

George Brown College - St James Campus - 2004 Indoor TNT practice area (6th floor gym).

The Hangar - Downsview Park Fields (indoor and soon to be outdoor).

Headwaters - Richmond Hill home field - option 2.

Highview Park - Alternate location scheduled during strike of 2002.

Hydro Fields (#7 included) COMING SOON - City of North York homefield.

L'Amoreaux 1-5 - Scarborough Teams share these as home fields. Note number 5 is not in the same area as 1-4 nearer the north west corner. See map.

Lawrence Park Collegiate - Possible TNT practice area.

Leisure Plex - Grimbsy - League Cup 2002 and 2004 location.

McNaughton - Vaughan home field (north side of street).

McLevin East - Scarborough Teams

Miliken Dome

It is located on the west side of Kennedy Road, just south of 14th Avenue, north of Steeles. Look for the Miliken Mills Community Centre and the McDonald's restaurant, and it is right there. Awkward by public transit so we can set up car pools at the Monday SSC session.

Milliken High School (map- Near) and Milliken High School (map - Far) - Woodbridge Italia - a.k.a Unionville Strikers . Reminder its not the complex but the school we are playing at.

Moat Farm Field Park - North Toronto Team Field

Mohawk Sports Field - Hamilton home field location (multiple).

Mohawk Sports Field - Hamilton (and 2003 League Cup)

North Toronto High School - Un-official practice field.

OSA Soccer Centre - Coming soon. Located in Vaughan, on Martingrove just south of highway #7.

Parkway Forest Park - Un-official practice field.

Sackville Park - Hamilton home field location (multiple).

Scarborough Soccer Centre |Clair Lea - Indoor soccer facility.

Sherwood Park - Unofficial TNT running practice area.

Sir W. Mulock H.S. COMING SOON - TBC.

SoccerWorld - Located at the Docks on Cherry Street.

Sunnybrook Park - Un-official TNT practice area.

Thompson Memorial Park - Scarborough United Strikers (multiple).

Veneto Centre (map- Far) and Veneto Centre(map - Near) - Woodbridge Azzurri home field.

West Humber Collegiate - Rexdale home field 2003.

Note : If there is a field missing or in correct information on a map please let us know.

Field Locations and PDF Maps

<< The list to the left is an up to date list of fields TNT plays at during the summer and winter seasons. Each field has a PDF map associated with each link which you can print in order to get to the right field scheduled. Please review them before asking where games to reduce emails and calls to coaches.

If you cannot read PDFs this is the link to the safe, free download of Adobe Acrobat Free Download - it is used on all major websites to view these docs and is easy to download.

Click here for official Road maps for Ontario from the Ministry of Transportation.