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TNT History

For old photos of the team check out the team photo gallery and archive.

Here are a few samples to wet your appetite:

Indoor Champions Clairlea 1992-93

TNT at the Robbie 1992 (conflicted with Ontario Cup this year or we would have been back)



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June 16, 2004


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TNT Team History

The TNT Womens Soccer team is currently the top team in the Toronto Central Soccer Club. TNT is is a proud member of the Ontario Women's Soccer League in the Central Regional Divison.

In the TCSC there are also teams in the premiere, first and second divisions of the TSA league out of Eglinton Flats. These teams (Tigers in particular, which was created to feed TNT) serve as feeder teams for our Regional Club in the OWSL.

The TNT team started with the colours Argentina (works with our current coach's heritage - aka Joe McGoey) due to an association I believe with an Argentinian sponsor. The girls have worn these colours ever since. Before this there were a few years of "pink" which will stay in the early nineties where it belongs.

More history to follow soon.