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Media - TNT Womens Soccer

TNT players are more than just soccer players - we have doctor, lawyer, insurance, event planning, soccer instructing, teaching, PR, pharmaceuticals, chiropractics, science and advertising professionals as some of the many careers TNT women uphold off the field.

Here is a sample of some the media related activites TNT players have generated in the past few years for the team and TNT sponsors:

2003 Jill Unsworth (+ her three amateur team mates)

Click here (coming soon) for the PDF download of Jill "Kirbi" Unsworth's article in the Columbus Dispatch the morning after Canada's loss to Germany in the 2003 World Cup - USA.

2003 Sara Porier

Sara also worked with Discovery Channel's James Ingram on a series of programs about the Physics of Soccer starring some our own team mates.

During the entire 5 part series our recent sponsor got alot of free advertising on this national program as all four girls wore the jersey for the segments. Segments have re-run many times on the Discovery channel.

2002 Sara Porier

Sara is also a scientist for the Ontario Science Centre with frequent appearances on local television (ie. Breakfast Television on City TV).

2002 Kirsten Dykstra

While no longer live, your webmaster and goalie was the main animated goalkeeping character in the CBC's POV Sports soccer game.



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2003 Women's World Cup - Lou, Kirsten, Alison

2003 Women's World Cup - Alison, Jill, Louise

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