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League Cup 2004 in the Grimsby - West Lincoln Leisure Plex

TNT has been absent from the Ontario Cup for years now and this year we took a return trip to this contest. We lost a solid 2-0 game to a team that we could have beat. This make next years committment to the Cup look even more promising as we work towards becoming a tighter team with all our new bodies and the of course the rest of us! Great work ladies.

1 , 2, and 3 - Alison, Amy , Eleanor and Nikki

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4, 5, and 6 - Carolyn, Jenn, Lisa and Louise

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7, 8, and 9 - Jill, Nikki, Sal Sloan (looking really nice in this shot no matter what SHE says) and Kirsten

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10. Sandy Dietrich ~

11. TNT Ontario Cup Team Shot:

Back Row: Coach Joe McGoey, Louise James, Sandy Deitrich, Alison Cumming

Middle Row : Lisa Allison, Sara Poirier, Jenn Imrie, Jill Unsworth, Sal Sloan

Front Row: Carolyn McCaughey, Amy Robinson, Eleanor Colledge, Nikki Gentles, Salma Makki, Keeper = Kirsten Dykstra

Absent: Vicki White, Sheril Cave (IJ), Nadine Powell, Sonya von Svobda

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All photos are copyright of TNT soccer - TNT coaches and team members are welcome to download.