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Growing Your Skills

FIFA Laws of the Game - Give yourself a refresher - here is the updated 2003 FIFA Laws of the Game or link to the FIFA website and online rules section. However when on the pitch remmeber the referee's decision is usually what we have to abide by.


Links to soccer drills to use in your own training. Plus PDFs of drills to use to gain more skills in your particular position :

Forwards - Coming Soon.

Halfbacks - Coming Soon.

Defence - Coming Soon.

Goalkeeper - Check out the PDF(s) below on goaltending theory and routines.

Goaltender Fitness - PDF UPLOADED.

Ball Control - Coming Soon.

Heading - Coming Soon.

Control - Coming Soon.



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Updated : June 16, 2004


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This section has been designed to allow you to find relevant information on the web and in this section to improve your game. There is information for Strikers, Midfielders, Stoppers and Sweepers, Defence and Goalkeeping.

With many of us already coaching and instructing the game it is always great to refresh on basic skills, ways to train your body and team concepts.

Use this as a player and as a coach and see you on the pitch and at practices.

Joe McGoey Coaching OWSL League Cup 2003